Sound Masking System

Sound Masking System

Sound Masking solutions for open plan office environment

You’re in your open plan office or cubicle and trying to speak on the phone with a potential client, but the numerous other conversations in the office is distracting. You are having issues concentrating on the conversation with the person on the other side of the phone and trying to make it as personal and private as possible just isn’t working. What are you to do? There is an answer to minimize the noise and distraction within the office, helping create a more confidential working environment, and that is sound masking.
Office noise sound masking

Common system features include:

  • Noise control
  • Speech Privacy
  • Acoustic Comfort
  • White noise tone generator
  • Very simple and easy to operate
  • Discreet Loudspeakers
  • Custom designed for your specific office environment



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