Teller / Counter Communication System

Teller / Counter Communication System
Product Code:COUNTER1
Teller / Counter Communication System

2 way Counter Communication System

A two-way counter or teller communication system, exclusively designed for easy and effective conversation across counters with transparent security barriers. Also known as a "talk through glass" system. Commonly used by Banks, Hospitals, Post offices, Pay counters etc. It consists of an attendant unit, a customer unit and a power supply unit, which are easy to install and simple to connect through dedicated cables as supplied with the system.
teller intercom communication system
  • Unique design, pleasing aesthetics & rugged construction.
  • Two-way, hands-free communication.
  • Easy, hassle-free installation.
  • Compact & elegant table top attendant unit with 20” long gooseneck microphone for strain-free usage.
  • A 3.5mm jack socket is provided for connecting a headband microphone. This is useable by the attendant as an alternate to the fixed gooseneck microphone.
  • Separate controls for adjusting the speech levels during Talk & Listen modes of operation.
  • Special Auto-Mute ON/OFF option provided through a toggle switch. In Auto-Mute ON condition, the customer’s microphone is partially muted if it is not used for 30 sec. approx. This facility prevents the attendant from being disturbed by unwanted outside noise.
  • The customer’s unit has an efficient speaker and a sensitive condenser cartridge, mounted in a beautifully designed housing.
  • Attendant’s microphone has voice priority over the customer’s microphone.


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