Hearing Induction Looping System

Hearing Induction Looping System
Hearing Induction Looping System Hearing Induction Looping System

Induction Hearing Loop System

Hearing aids have been a wonderful advancement for the hard-of-hearing, but there is one area where they still falter – providing a clear understanding of speakers using a microphone or public address system.  Hearing aids amplify ALL sounds, so the whispered conversation behind you, the baby crying in the back row of the church, even the crinkling of pages being turned will compete with the voice you are trying to hear.
But now there is an answer and it is a simple one:  A hearing loop system can transmit the sound from the microphone directly to the listeners ear, using the “T” setting on their existing hearing aid!
Hearing loop system
Advantages of a Hearing Loop System:
  • Reduces distracting background noise.
  • No special receivers are required (user needs only a hearing aid with a telecoil).
  • Improved listening clarity and understanding.
  • Convenient and easy to use; Simply switch hearing aid setting to telecoil.
  • Improved even at long distance from the speaker.
  • Inconspicuous; no need to locate, checkout, and wear a visible headset.
  • Eliminates any hygienic concerns.
  • Low maintenance system.

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