(PAH255) Horn Driver 55W RMS with 100V line multi-tap

(PAH255) Horn Driver 55W RMS with 100V line multi-tap
Product Code:PAH255
• Plastic/Aluminium body with die casting aluminium head, powder coated for extreme climatic conditions
• 16 TPI Aluminum thread for matched fitting of horns
• Best quality fiber single diaphragm with High Quality Precision Copper Wire
• Aluminum Heat Sink for Proper Heat Dissipation and Voltage Sustain Ability
• High Quality Y-30 Approved Ferrite Magnets
• External transformer (line matching transformer) is used for proper output power adjustment
• Weather-proof and rugged body.
• High SPL, crisp penetrating sound.
• Voice coils precision-wound on an aluminum bobbin for efficient heat dissipation.
• Degree of protection IP 66 provided, when mounted on a reflex horn, against foreign particles such as dust and jets of water thus making them
ideal for outdoor use.
Load rating power: 55W RMS
100V Line Multi-tap ( 5W, 10W, 20W, 40W, 55W)
Frequency Range: 300Hz-4kHz
SPL(@1W/1m): 105dB
Dimensions Ø x H(mm): Ø113x108mm
Material,Colour: Aluminium,grey
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