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TEAMLUCO, supply sound systems and audio related components for many applications including nightclubs, bars, restaurants, sports centres, churches, conference rooms, jukeboxes, retail shops, stores, factories, schools and even vehicle PA systems. Teamluco can offer the design, supply and installation of just about any type of PA system.

TEAMLUCO's product range includes:

A comprehensive range of loudspeakers for Public Address & Disco applications, Plugs, Sockets & Accessories, Amplifiers, equipment stands, headphones, mixers, portable PA systems, Microphones and Cables.

TEAMLUCO is based in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa
TEAMLUCO handles enquiries and distributes to all parts of Southern Africa. 

TEAMLUCO prides itself on it's customer service and quality guarantee. We will always endeavour to supply our clients with high value at affordable pricing and also providing our customer base with a depth of knowledge, good relationships and service that is second to none.

TEAMLUCO’s success is built on a foundation of total commitment to its customers, which goes far beyond simply providing quality products excellent service and competitive prices, but also focuses on total customer satisfaction involving all facets to ensure sustainable long-term relationships. All of our sales efforts are focused through our qualified distributors and dealers, a policy that over the years has rewarded us with unsurpassed loyalty and ongoing support.


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