(MIX278) Phono / Mic Pre Amplifier

(MIX278) Phono / Mic Pre Amplifier
Product Code:MIX278
(MIX278) Phono / Mic Pre Amplifier
  • Allows turntables or microphones to be used with any amplifier
  • Adds phono input and microphone input to amplifier
  • Suitable for stereo mic or 2 mono mics
  • IC Technology for high gain and low noise
  • Sturdy anti-hum metal casing
Input impedance: 50kOhms
Input Level: 0.5mV Mic Mode & 3mV Phono Mode
Gain: 50dB Mic Mode & 34dB Phono Mode
Signal to noise: 48dB Mic Mode & >55dB Phono Mode
Freq Response (Mic Mode) + 1dB to 3dB 70Hz-20KHz
Freq Response: (Phono Mode) RIAA, 0dB to -3dB 30Hz-20KHz
Output level : 150mV RMS Stereo
Load impedance:  > 10kOhms
Overload Margin: 23dB
Crosstalk: 55dB
Supply Voltage : 12-15v DC @ 100mA; 1.3mm DC Socket (centre +ve) - Power supply not included.
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