Mosque Sound Systems

Mosque Sound Systems

Mosque Sound Systems

Custom designed to suit each Masjid, but usually consist of two individual systems.

One is for the call to prayer outdoor speaker system and the other is for inside the musallah / prayer hall.

Outdoor call to prayer Sound System Features:
• 3-4 Large Outdoor horn speakers installed in Minaret
• Can be heard kilometers away
• All weather use for reliability even in extreme conditions
• Clear and good sound quality
• Indoor Microphone used for call to prayer
• Amplifier with 100V line output to drive 3-4 large horn speakers
Prayer Hall Sound System Features:
• Wall mount array speakers evenly placed
• Ceiling speakers to give even sound coverage
• Lapel microphone for the leader of prayer to addres the congregation
• Amplifier with 100V line feature to allow use of multiple speakers throughout the musallah
• Echo, Delay and Reverb processor for ambience effects
• Optional extra inputs for additional microphones and audio sources
Our custom designed Mosque sound systems provide clear quality sound, reliabilty and ease of use.

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