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Mic Accessories

Microphone accessories and parts

Model: MIA001
(MIA001) Clamp type microphone holder..
Model: MIA002
(MIA002) U type microphone holder..
Model: MIA003
Rubber Grip Microphone HolderFits standard microphone stands..
Model: MIA020
(MIA020) Baseplate for gooseneck..
Model: MIA021
(MIA021) Black Microphone Windshield (5 Pack)..
Model: MIA023
MIA023 Colours Microphone Windshield (5 pack)..
Model: MIA025
(MIA025) Windshield for Tie pin microphone..
Model: MIA030
(MIA030) 20cm Flexible Gooseneck..
Model: MIA031
(MIA031) 30cm Flexible Gooseneck..
Model: MIA060
(MIA060) Nut Adaptor for Mic Stand..
Model: MIA083
Uni Directional Mic Insert 450ohm..
Model: MIA105
Behind the neck wear styleFlexible Structure type for best comfortLightweight design and modest in appearanceUsed with Voice Amplifier or Wireless Microphone System..
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