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Special Microphones

Model: MIC350
Miniature omnidirectional electret condenser lavalier type microphone with wide angle pick-up for lectures, interviews, religious places, recordings etc.A strong, fixed tie-clip prevents the microphone from being displaced accidentally.The cell container is provided to accommodate a single pencil ce..
Model: MIC401
Desktop / Conference Dynamic Microphone with Push to talk and lock button.Flexible GooseneckPush to talk and lock for always on buttonsShort Jack to Jack Cable includedWindshield included..
Brand: Loudcruiser Model: MIC409
Features:- Close-to-lip speaking to avoid background noise.- Flexible coiled cord for easy extension of wire length.- Push-to-talk switch for one handed operation- 6.35mm Mono Jack Plug connector- Mic Holder included Specifications:Fist type microphone for use with Car Public Address amplifiers..
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