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We have many different Sound Solutions for many different venues and needs, but here we highlight a few namely; Boardroom and conference room microphone PA systems, Sound Masking Systems, School Intercom Systems and Counter Communication Systems.

Brand: Viper Model: KIT4C
Enhance your small retail shop, small restaurant or takeaway and create the perfect atmosphere.If your retail space has a suspended ceiling then the ceiling speaker kit is ideal as ceiling speakers are out of sight, but gives great sound dispersion throughout the venue.Our kit includes everything yo..
Complete Boardroom Microphone System Designed and installed according to your specific requirements.Our conference system provides the much needed sound reinforcement at meetings while eliminating problems of poor intelligibility and acoustic feedback. It is ideal for use in a variety of application..
Mosque Sound SystemsCustom designed to suit each Masjid, but usually consist of two individual systems.One is for the call to prayer outdoor speaker system and the other is for inside the musallah / prayer hall.Outdoor call to prayer Sound System Features:• 3-4 Large Outdoor horn speakers installed ..
School Intercom SystemsSwitch panel type school intercom that is either wall mounted or placed on a desk12 to 60 classroom systems with call back function allows the panel to call any classroom individually or all together.The substation placed in each classroom can call the panel by pressing the re..
2 way Counter Communication SystemA two-way counter or teller communication system, exclusively designed for easy and effective conversation across counters with transparent security barriers. Also known as a "talk through glass" system. Commonly used by Banks, Hospitals, Post offices, Pay counters ..
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